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Lonnie Walker IV’s hairstyle symbolizes childhood freedom

the6man Jun 13

Spurs defender Lonnie Walker IV cut his signature hair this week, which is far more than recutting.

Walker said on Instagram on Thursday that after he was sexually abused as a child, he began to comb his hair in middle school.

Walker wrote in the title: “About my original intention of starting this fifth grade, this is a cover for me.” “During the summer vacation of my fifth grade, I was with my family. Some [whose] The name will be left, I am nearby.

“I was sexually harassed, raped, and abused. I am even used to it because at that age, you don’t know what it is. I am a curious child who is easily deceived, and I don’t know what the real world is. My mind is my hair Controllable. My hair is what I can create and create, and it’s mine too. It gives [me] Confidence. “

Walker also talked about trauma Coronavirus pandemic Yes to him.

He wrote: “As of late, I haven’t tried my best.” “The previous history suddenly appeared in my mind, it was mentally bad. “Demon”…Because of this virus, I started to really look in the mirror, See who you are, even after closing the door.

Long story short, oh my god, I am willing to find peace and inner happiness during the journey. I forgive everyone, even those who are not worth it. why? Because it is heavy.

“Time won’t wait for anyone, so why should I waste time? My haircut is more than just haircut. My hair masks the insecurity that I feel the world is not ready for. But now, [I am] Better than ever. versus [the] old. In and new. I lost my skin mentally, emotionally, physically and mentally.

“Life will always be difficult. Be sure to deal with the cards you have dealt with and try to win. If you lose. Never lose. This is a lesson.”

Walker fulfilled his duties by wishing his followers peace, love and happiness.

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