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Loss of bubble after NBA visits Lou Williams to strip club

the6man Jul 26

The NBA is investigating the Clippers’ sixth man, Lou Williams, who was photographed by rapper Jack Harlow at the Atlanta Gentlemen’s Club on Thursday night.

The rapper quickly deleted the post from his Instagram story, and then wrote in a tweet: “That was an old photo of me and Lou. I just remembered why I missed him.”

In the picture, Williams is holding a drink and wearing an NBA mask distributed at the Orlando campus.

The NBA has established strict protocols to ensure safety so that the league can resume this season during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Orlando campus environment has emphasized the rules for exiting the bubble, and there are 22 teams competing for playoff seeds there.

Williams left the Orlando bubble in his absence.

Through this investigation, the league will study how long Williams must re-isolate after leaving.

According to Williams, 33, he was interviewed by NBA security personnel when he died.

He informed security personnel that he made a short trip to the Magic City Gentlemen’s Club in Atlanta on Thursday.

Williams also told them that there was no entertainer present when he was there.

Later, Willams continued to tell investigators that he participated in Paul Williams’ viewing event, which ended at 6 pm on Thursday.

On Friday, Lou Williams tweeted “Ask any of my teammates, what is my favorite restaurant in Atlanta. It’s not that no one has a party. Lol. #Maskon #inandout.”

According to NBA’s policy, Ru Williams must be checked for coronavirus every day, and players must be quarantined for at least 4 days and take leave under the guise of reasons.

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