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Lou Williams encounters conflict during the return of Orlando (NBA)

the6man Jun 21

A league of NBA players expressed reservations about going to Orlando to resume this season, and now the Los Angeles Clippers Louis Williams (Louis Williams) said there is a conflict whether he participates in the game.

Williams is the sixth candidate of the year. He said in a virtual chat with ESPN on Friday: “The sports in this climate will be distracting.”

Williams said that whether he will participate in the bubble league is still 50-50, he does not know whether the situation will change after six weeks.

Players must notify the league whether to participate before Wednesday.

The League of Players, led by Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets and Avery Bradley of the Los Angeles Lakers, has proposed in the past few weeks that players need to focus on social justice issues.

If players choose to rest for the rest of the season, it remains to be seen whether they will have any impact on players.

A highly competitive team like the Clippers or their city competitor, the Lakers, may win the championship.

“For us, the only advantage of not participating in the game is to focus our attention on the battle. That being said, [return] Within six weeks. … Within six weeks, the world may need some recovery. They may need us on the floor. However, if more black children or black adults or any adults who deal with police brutality are killed, and we are still angry, I don’t know to put on the best clothes for myself. “Williams said.

Later, Williams sent a message on Twitter, which mentioned: “I never said that I will never participate in the game.”

Like many athletes, Williams also used his voice to defend the “black life problem” movement.

Although many NBA stars have spoken and protested, they have different ideas about the best way forward.

Some believe that restarting will help the cause and unite the people, because the country has not had live entertainment for more than three months.

Others believe that this will prevent progress.

What Bubble League looks like on July 31 is still another interesting twist.

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