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Louis Williams, Patrick Beverley, Montrez Harrell all left the NBA bubble

the6man Jul 25

After Lou Williams, Patrick Beverley and Montrezl Harrell all left, the Los Angeles Clippers had a very thin bubble.

These three players are the key to the Clippers’ success. They cited various reasons that led to their sudden withdrawal, but they hope to rejoin the team.

Beverly had to deal with urgent personal affairs, Harrell had a family emergency, and Williams left for personal reasons.

If a few months after the armistice, the 2019-20 season is not unprecedented, then it will be a challenge for all teams and players to restore the bubble isolation game.

The quarantine process does not cover certain absences, so players may miss the game and practice when they are quarantined after returning.

The NBA announced that players who are forgiven for family affairs only need to undergo two negative tests in three days.

There will be no isolation.

But as the NBA begins to receive some requests, other issues may not be covered.

Clippers coach Doc Rivers said it is common for players to miss personal affairs, but the bubble situation makes the impact of absences even greater.

Not enough to “restore to the original state according to the game time.”

If the player returns and must enter the mandatory quarantine area, it may endanger the game.

Personal problems have indeed occurred, and the NBA continues to study the safest and best ways to deal with these situations

The alliance continues to implement the agreement to ensure the safety of the bubble.

So far, they have achieved success, and the latest round of testing is not good for players and employees.

So far, this is as good as the league is preparing for a formal restart next week.

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This post is written by Justin Hickey


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