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Luka Doncic “not in the best shape” according to the trainer

the6man Jun 10

Photo: Marca

Luka Doncic tries to get back in shape to prepare for the resumption of the NBA season in his home country Slovenia.

According to the instructions of the strength and conditioning trainer of the Khimki Moscow region, Jure Drasklar, the second child will be ready when it matters.

“We have been working together for three weeks. Luka was previously in quarantine and was individually trained at home. We have worked hard in the past three weeks to prepare him for the resumption of the NBA season. … Most players struggled to stay in shape. Doncic is no exception. We understand his role in Dallas. Luka improves every day. He tries very hard. He is fully committed to readiness, ”Drasklar said RIA Novosti Per Grandstand report.

Doncic scored an average of 28.7 points, 9.3 rebounds and 8.7 assists in 54 games before the game was interrupted. Now he’s preparing for his first birth in the NBA playoffs in an unprecedented situation in Orlando.

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