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Magic Johnson’s confusion about who the goat is

the6man May 25

Magic Johnson debates about goats

Magic Johnson shares his ideas of the greatest basketball player of all time, but these ideas are a bit strange and confusing.

In recent weeks, the GOAT debate has been a topic of renaissance, partly because of “the last dance” and partly because there is not much news in sports.

The five-time NBA champion Magic Johnson recently appeared on ESPN to talk about Jordan’s legacy and whether LeBron James is at the same level.

What he must say is:

Johnson said: “First of all, let ’s not leave LeBron James.” “Because LeBron James is an excellent basketball player, he is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. LeBron James, To me, when you think of an all-around basketball player, he may be the best ever. Right? An all-around basketball player. But when you want to say who is the greatest person, it is still Michael Jordan “” Johnson said.

Although this seems to be a confusing and even contradictory statement, he seems to want to say that James has a wider range of skills, but Jordan has a higher skill level.

Let the debate continue.

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