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Malcolm Brogdon’s open letter on current affairs

the6man Jun 06

Indiana Pacers guard Malcolm Brogdon shared his views on current affairs in the United States and abroad.

“In the past week, the energy of motion has exhausted me, and at first I did not know how to relieve it. In the past ten years, I have witnessed Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown. And all other people who have suffered excessive violence, but this feeling is different. USA Today.

Since the killing of George Floyd, the United States has been in civil strife.

Protesters gathered in major US cities, such as Los Angeles, New York, and Boston, to demand justice for Freud’s murders and the general impact of systemic racism.

“When I joined Jaylen Brown, a member of the Boston Celtics League last weekend, to march with Atlanta’s peaceful protesters, I gained greater respect because courage and courage demanded that we stand up and oppress in front of our generational leaders They, Broden said.

Brogdon proposed other measures, and we need to continue to take these measures to make meaningful changes.

“We must provide justice for George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, and those responsible for their deaths must bear the responsibility.”

“We must see each other’s humanity so that we can lead with compassion instead of hatred.”

“We must recognize that peaceful protests are effective because we have created communities and demonstrated our commitment to our cause. It can help people understand our pain and where we need to change.”

“We must remove the obstacles set up to prevent us from participating in the elections. We must vote at various levels at the local, state and federal levels to support the people who will fight for us.”

“We must hold elected officials and law enforcement accountable and change policies that encourage excessive vigilance and excessive use of force in black communities.”

“All of us must educate ourselves and participate in it. We will work together to make our country fulfill its promises to all citizens.”

As we look to the future, perhaps don’t forget Brogdon’s words about peace, unity and strength.

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