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Many NBA players are disappointed not to vote for the NBA’s return

the6man Jun 13

The NBA is ready to resume work, but many players are disappointed that they did not start voting again for the season.

Last week, the NBPA Executive Committee and its board of directors approved a 22-person team bubble at the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando Late July.

The complaint, expressed privately by multiple players, pointed out that in this potentially life-changing vote, the voice of each player was not heard.

The disturbing reason was the move to an isolated campus during the COVID-19 pandemic, which many players consider to be a dangerous and unnecessary move.

Most importantly, many players worry that for a league dominated by African Americans, the poor optical performance is due to restarting during the protests caused by racial instability and the killing of George Floyd game.

A black player said: “During this period of time, we agree to what message will be sent? We are demonstrating here, but in this terrifying era, we have all left our family and gathered in a place where the owner will not go Performance? What does it mean? We will go backwards. That place is not so magical.”

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving organized a conference call with the players on Friday night to discuss their position in restarting the game.

Irving believes that players who feel uncomfortable under these circumstances should be allowed to consider not participating in racial protests and pandemic sports.

There are reports that several players are reluctant to express their concerns because they fear they will oppose superstars who are prepared to play in an environment with appropriate security measures.

There is also a group of players who are reluctant to return because they feel they have not received enough feedback and information about how the league plan to adopt security measures.

Portland Trail Blazers forward Cameron Anthony expressed concern to Ernie Johnson in a live broadcast on the NBA Together Twitter.

Part of the responsibility of the NBPA representative committee is to communicate with everyone in their respective teams to provide updates and listen to the voice of the players, especially when restarting the game.

On the other hand, some players have not yet made it possible for them to conduct Zoom chats.

Some agents called on their clients to speak out and talk to the NBA and NBPA to develop a more collaborative system.

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This post is written by Eric Magana


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