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Many outstanding issues make the Connecticut Suns and other teams hopeful of the success of the WNBA season. Hoopfeed.com

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Published on June 16, 2020


Jonquel Jones, NBAE/Getty Images

Due to the limitations caused by the corona virus pandemic, the upcoming season is approaching, and the WNBA team is making unprecedented decisions for the near future. When the team was segregated in one location for 22 games, the team was developing strategies to ensure the safety of the players while maximizing the participation of the fans. The game is scheduled for late July in Bradenton, Florida The IMG Academy starts.

Keep in touch with fans

Soon after the league Monday afternoon revealed plans for this season, “Indiana Fanatic” announced that the franchise will provide fans with free live streaming of their games. Although the “Connecticut Sun” has not finalized the details of the partnership with NESN, the team’s regional broadcast partner, Sun Vice President Amber Cox, did say that the team hopes to help fans similarly while also taking Other measures have been taken to expand the team’s influence in the bubble environment while being sealed.

Cox said: “We fully hope that this partnership will continue with the news announced yesterday, we will start these conversations and get a schedule.” “I think fans across New England will be able to watch like last year NESN.”

Continuously improve social justice awareness

In the past month, Many players are using their platform Raise awareness of social justice issues and the universality of systemic racism in the United States. In view of the recent murders of African-Americans in the hands of police officers, many people and coaches participated in peaceful protest demonstrations to protest the brutal behavior of the police. The alliance began to publish news about current events through social media May 29 And “Now is the time to change. It’s enough on Twitter.” WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert talked about the enthusiasm of the players when he showed up at ESPN SportCenter on Monday night.

“You know what I heard from them is… let’s consider how powerful our voice is. Let’s consider the appearance of the platform. We have one of the most diverse leagues in professional sports, 80% of them It’s a black woman, and all our players are very, very much looking forward to the platform around social justice and voice that they can launch from the IMG Academy.

However, because the WNBA has developed a logistics plan for this season, it is not clear how they plan to incorporate social justice initiatives into this plan in a very short season in Manatee County, Florida.

Player health and exit

Florida’s daily COVID-19 cases hit record high In the past few days, it is understandable that players have reason to worry about health and safety issues, especially those who will bring their children and caregivers (guests approved by the league to stay in the bubble).

Despite detailed information about how the IMG Academy Bubble will limit the exact nature of the number of people interacting with players, coaches and league personnel, it remains to be seen whether the measures implemented are sufficient to prevent participants from contacting the infected people. Local workers or other people carrying viruses people.

Discussions between the league and the player union led to an agreement that high-risk players infected with the virus can skip the season with full pay. Other players must inform the league by June 25 if they intend to participate in the game this summer (if they choose to withdraw, these players will not be paid).

“We will support them very much,” Sun chief coach Curt Miller said. “This is an unprecedented moment, and everyone’s decisions have a lot of independence.”

All players will undergo a physical examination before arriving in Bradenton, which will allow the team at least one month to allow athletes to arrive at the location and hold a training camp before the start of the competition on July 24.

“Obviously, I think one of the reasons for choosing an exit date is that it still gives us the opportunity to add someone to your roster in time for the medical test site necessary for a single examination,” Miller said of the test time And time for healthy players to travel to Florida.

As of Tuesday, no players have announced their withdrawal. Athletes will have the opportunity to get answers to medical and safety questions during the Zoom call with the Alliance Physician this week.

Logically, it seems that if a player must leave Bretonton, that team can seek an exemption to seek a replacement for medical permission, or in Miller’s words: “Anyone who can join us quickly is a fair game. “However, since there has not been any movement this season, the process may also need to be adjusted.

What’s next

The announcement of the league relieved many players and fans. However, there are still many uncertainties from reaching an agreement with the IMG Academy to providing detailed information on media reports and broadcasts. Players must still travel from anywhere in the world to reach Florida. Although Jonquel Jones of the Sun Center is less than 400 miles from Florida in her Bahamian home, she is still subject to International travel restrictions Until now, flights to the United States have decreased significantly. Most travel restrictions are for those traveling from China, Iran, certain parts of Europe and Brazil.

“We only know 22 games,” Cox said. “How we got there, how we looked, I think it’s still to be determined. This is where we moved after yesterday.”

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