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Marc Gasol says frustration with injuries led to his “transformation”.

the6man Jul 16


Marc Gasol has been working on his conditioning during the NBA “break” season as he lost a good amount of weight meanwhile.

The tall man of the Toronto Raptors has admitted that gnawing injuries played an important role in his decision to change habits (eating, sleeping) because he was frustrated that he couldn’t help his team this season.

According to Lori Ewing from the Canadia Press:

“It was a frustrating season for me personally because I was never able to get a rhythm and help the team the way I should help the team,” Gasol said in his first comments to the media on Wednesday since the league closed four months ago .

“As soon as … we were informed [Toronto training] The facility was closed, I phoned my team and made a plan to resolve these ongoing problems. “

Gasoline lost 28 of the Raptors’ 64 games by March. The 2019 NBA champion will try to leave the first of the 2019-2020 season behind, hoping to help the Raptors defend their title.

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