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Marcus and Markieff Morris predict the final of the Western Conference between Lakers and Clippers

the6man May 15

Photo Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sport

Marcus and Markieff Morris both arrived in Los Angeles in February, but joined the opposing teams. Marcus was sold to the Clippers while Markieff signed with the Lakers. The twins are expected to meet again in the playoffs as their teams are very popular for reaching the Western Conference Finals.

Both joined Brandon Williams on Style Watch to talk about their outfits for pregame tunnels. They were also asked to make a prediction about how the Western Conference finale between the Clippers and Lakers would end.

Of course Marcus and Markieff went with their own team. Marcus predicted the series will go to Game 7, which the Clippers will win in a blowout. In the meantime, Markieff made an even bolder prediction, saying that Lakers would sweep his brother’s team.

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