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Mark Cuban urges white people to talk about race and privilege

the6man Jun 10

In order to move the country forward, this is a dialogue that must be conducted, so Mark Cuban urged white people to become uncomfortable and started talking about race and white privileges.

Cuba defended in the “Courageous Dialogue”, which is an invitation-only event held outside the Mavericks arena to solve the race, privileges and brutal treatment of African Americans by the police.

Cubans discussed how difficult and imperative these discussions reported by ESPN were:

“Even if I encounter difficulties, I need all of us to be truly open and talk to each other. Even if we are not satisfied, especially those white people who look like me. Because when you are white, it is difficult to talk about race.” Cuban said.

“To be honest, the reality is that when people talk about white privileges, we take defensive measures. We all have this mechanism, which I call an artificially created equivalent mechanism, trying to protect ourselves.” Cuban said. “We would say,’I have many black friends.’ We would say,’I grew up in a mixed community…I can’t be a person who takes advantage of white privileges, and do it. We have a responsibility to stop this Do it, because doing so does not move us forward. That is part of having a brave dialogue.”

Mavericks forward Maxi Kleber, team chief executive Cynt Marshall, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins and Dallas Police Commissioner Renee Hall also participated activity.

“We have to talk about it,” Kleiber said. As Mark said, this is not where we want to feel comfortable. We have to feel uncomfortable, because to really change, this is how we feel.

“I can’t understand the fact that no one in this world should tolerate and ignore racism and be discriminated against because of skin color or belief. That’s why it’s so important to talk about this topic and raise awareness here.”

The event is lying on George Floyd Houston

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This post is written by Bonny Johnson


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