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Matt Barnes calls for Kyrie Irving’s position on NBA return

the6man Jun 19

Former NBA player Matt Barnes (Matt Barnes) never evades racial issues and its relationship with the NBA.

The 14-year veteran commented on Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving and agreed with his views on the NBA’s restart.

In the typical Matt Barnes style, he did not flinch.

Barnes gave a strong evaluation of Owen when he spoke on the podcast with Stephen Jackson, because Owen tried to solve the problem since the restart of the George Floyd NBA incident Problems in the United States.

Barnes said: “Kyrie must resign because I heard that Kyrie wants to go to Orlando to support his team. They didn’t let him. So, he flipped the script and talked about me giving up everything.”

He went on to say: “If you really want to, you can give up everything and do Maya Moore s***. At the same time, sitting down for no reason destroys the purpose. Then, this also splits us… I respect people I don’t want to play games, because if this is COVID, and you put your family in danger, I will understand. However, if it is for national sports now, we must be responsible.”

The comments on Moore came from her decision to directly participate in criminal justice reform for several consecutive seasons.

Moore was the 2014 WNBA MVP and was selected to the All-Star six times with the Minnesota Bobcats. She announced in January that she would indeed miss the Olympic Games for the second consecutive season, and did not host the Olympic Games before the two pandemics.

Currently, Moore is helping a family friend to overthrow 50 years in prison.

As for Irving, he called on other NBA players to reconsider the restarted season so that players can focus on the oppression.

Some people from certain NBA circles do not see the correlation between playing basketball and fighting for social justice.

Those same players believe that the game can enhance their platform.

Barnes (Barnes) is also one of them, he solved this problem when talking with Dunk Bait on June 7.

Barnes co-host Stephen Jackson defended Irving from Barnes’ criticism against him.

“He is passionate about it,” Jackson said.

“I just think he understands this moment. He is like me and I don’t have all the answers.”

He finally said: “He did make me cry because he literally knew I was preparing everything.”

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This post is written by Eric Magana


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