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Matt Barnes does n’t consider himself an NBA champion and does n’t even maintain victory

the6man May 25

Matt Barnes

In theory, Matt Barnes has a perfect ending.

In the last season, he won the championship with the 2016-17 Golden State Warriors.

But Barnes does not think this is a fairy tale.

Barnes commented on his podcast, All the smoke, When guest Tracy McGrady said, if he can come off the bench with the San Antonio Spurs in 2012-13, it will please him.

“When people say you win a ring, for exactly the same reason you said, I don’t think it’s true,” Barnes said. “My performance was very good. When KD fell, I came in and played 20, 25 minutes in a row. KD came back, maybe I was injured a week before the playoffs, but I have withdrawn from the game. My life The worst ankle sprain in the game was not until I recovered to 8-0 in the second round.

“So, I ’m a veterinarian, knowing that they wo n’t change the rotation, I do n’t want them to change the rotation. I ’m going to sit here to be a super veterinarian, cheer for these mothers, talk to them when people need to talk, and It ’s fun. We did win, but-God, it ’s amazing to hear what you say-I do n’t count that ring … I do n’t count as a championship. “

Barnes added that he didn’t even grab the ring, which was in the office of Raymond Ridder, senior vice president of communications at Warriors.

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