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Max Kellerman argues that Kawhi Leonard is better than LeBron James

the6man May 29

Photo: lakersdaily.com

Sports analyst Max Kellerman recently appeared on the TV show “No Debate” to share his opinion on the Los Angeles Lakers talisman LeBron James and where he is on the list of the best players this season.

“LeBron in its heyday – 5, 6, 7 years ago – went through a five-year stretch in which it averaged 30 PER [Player Efficiency Rating]. It’s historically great. He doesn’t do that anymore. Haven’t done that for a while. He’s now in his mid to mid-twenties – 26, 27. He’s fallen down. That’s exactly what Kawhi increased to 26, something like that in the regular season, ”he said.

“No, we’re coming to the playoffs. What has LeBron been doing in the playoffs in recent years? He goes from 26, 27 to 31, 32 in the playoffs. The thing is, Kawhi is doing the same. Kawhi’s PER in the last playoffs is over 30, almost 30. And he does as the reigning and defending final MVP. By the way, PER is mainly an offensive status. So basically, when it matters most, he’s LeBron James, ”the analyst continued.

“LeBron was the best player ever for Miami. He wasn’t like that for a while. He is not a Kawhi defender. So if the most important thing is that they are roughly the same offensive, but a man is better on the defensive and also a defending champion, LeBron has to prove that he will get the title back. If the clippers compete against the Lakers in the playoffs, they will likely win and it will happen because Kawhi outperforms LeBron, ”said Kellerman.


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