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Meet the creator behind the design

the6man Jul 31

No one knows a T-shirt like Eddie Zammit.

After collaborating with some of the largest brands in the industry, the world-renowned curator is now working with Basketball Forever to jointly promote the development of BF Shop Unique signature Series, A joint showroom designed to support some of Australia’s top artists.

As the special curator of the BF project, Zammit recruited a team of dream artists-all of whom use T-shirts as the medium of choice-to produce a series of personalized works for BF Shop.

More importantly, Zammit said that he has recruited the best talent, Australian creative person Travis Price – his first highlight is his extensive client list , Including Nike, Under Armour and Pearl Jam.

Eddie Zammit is only working on a few projects…

Zamit said: “We will attract some amazing talent.”

“These guys are with my favorite designer.”

As the curator of many well-known brands, Zammit has been recognized in world-renowned exhibitions, including Disney, Mambo, Santa Cruz and Sesame Street. He has personally worked with Johnny Cupcakes, Mishka and Obey, to name a few.

At the same time, he is known for his global publications T world, This is the only T-shirt magazine on the planet, and has won praise from all over the world.

T-world is not limited to publications, it has also evolved into a valuable global network of T-shirt artists, brands and designers.

Zammit believes that many of the advantages of this collaborative creation are that it breaks down barriers that often lead to divisions and creates a space in which all important things require creative expression.

He said: “The appeal of T-shirts crosses all aspects of age, gender, nationality, race and religion.”

“No matter where you are in the world, no matter which city or continent you are in, you can be sure…you will always find people wearing T-shirts.”

For Zammit and the designers working with him, every final product is the crystallization of love.

He said: “All of this started when I wore a different T-shirt every day. People were very interested in it. They wanted to know where I bought the shirts and the story behind them.”

“Then the idea was born from there. My love for graphic design turned me into a desire to create fashion-led ideas, such as collaborations and exhibitions.”

Many of Zammit’s success are attributed to his persistence in taking risks and the courage to push the limits of his own field, and now you can expect to be able to do so within the scope of Basketball Forever.

As a freelance designer, he worked hard to leave his mark at the time, Travis Price (Travis Price) will never forget the day Nike knocked on the door.

Price said: “One day, an email from them suddenly appeared.”

“At that moment, you want to know which partner is pranking.”

Prior to this, talented creatives from Victoria worked in the field of commercial design for ten years.

Then, together with his wife, he founded his own children’s brand Mister Mista.

Price is very happy with the brand and his early works, but he knows that Nike’s work will change everything.

Price said: “This really opens up all kinds of opportunities.”

“Things continued to evolve from there, and suddenly I was attracted to all kinds of brands.”

Over the years, Price has many dizzying clients, including GQ, Marvel, Sony, Star Wars and Pearl Jam.

Now he has added “Basketball Forever” to the list and created a series of eye-catching T-shirts to appear in the remodeled BF Shop.

Price said: “For our “forever basketball”, this will be a real way of streetwear.”

“It’s actually listening to what the basketball world wants to wear, and it’s hard to cater to it because many NBA images have also received a lot of licenses.

“But you can always find the middle position, where you can still create things that people are excited to wear.”

Usable shirt Here.

In terms of his specific method of creating basketball equipment, Price has something to do with the old school.

He said: “I would say that my design method is very nostalgic.”

“So I have been doing things, such as looking back at Dr. J and some old jerseys and fonts. I am very excited about these things.”

Price participated in Forever Basketball through Eddie Zammit, the founder of the world famous T-shirt publication T world He served as BF’s internal curator this month.

Jammit selected several artists to appear in the BF store. He spoke highly of Price, and the connection between them can be traced back a long time.

Zamit said: “Ten years ago, he wrote me a letter saying how much he loves “T-world” and I met him.”

“I contacted him and started to see many of his works. When we met, I really loved what he was doing, I loved his background, and I loved him just having a single focus on what he was doing. “

Now, Price’s extraordinary talent has come to the door of eternal basketball, and BF fans all over the world will fall in love with everything they see next.

You can find Travis Price’s new design in the “Basketball Forever Store” Here.

Our next Signature Series The co-artist will be announced soon. stay tuned.

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This post is written by Nick Jungfer


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