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Meyers Leonard of the Miami Heat undergoes end-of-season surgery

the6man Feb 04

Miami Heat Center Miles Leonard According to Sham Charania of the Sports Department, the operation will be performed at the end of the season.

Leonard has been absent for nearly a month due to a strained left shoulder and has only participated in three games this season.

During that time, he was on the team most of the time, but resigned on Monday to see some experts.

Leonard, 28, averaged 6.1 points and 5.1 rebounds in the Heat Last season, After spending the first seven seasons with the Portland Trail Blazers, he played for the first time in Miami.

He suffered an ankle injury that caused the coronavirus pandemic and missed the last 16 games in Miami before the league’s offseason.

In the Heat’s Disney World Finals, he managed to participate in three games.

During the offseason, Meyers Leonard signed a one-year, $9.4 million contract with the Heat, which also includes team options for next season.

“Unfortunately through that incident. We all have his back,” Heat guard Tyler Herro said in the Miami Herald on Tuesday. “So no matter what Meyers needs, he is one of my best teammates ever. … When he walks into a room or locker room, he always hears his voice and is always speaking correctly. s things.”

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