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Michael Jordan did not respect Mark Henry during Olympic Games 96!

the6man Jun 12

Photo: Nathaniel S. Butler / NBAE, via Getty Images

During the 1996 Olympic Games, Mark Henry was “privileged” to meet Michael Jordan. He describes his first encounter with MJ as “not too big” because Jordan didn’t know who he was. He says Jordan’s tone was disrespectful and also thought Henry didn’t fit the basketball players.

Mark Henry immediately checked MJ and of course apologized. I’m sure not even the biggest basketball player would ever want to mess with Henry at £ 418. Henry has professional wrestling, Olympic weight lifting, power lifting and a strong man on his resume. He says a fist fight between him and MJ “made world news” but “would not have been interesting”, suggesting that he had dismantled Jordan.

He and Jordan later became companions. Henry says Jordan “even invited him to his birthday party during the All Star game!” Imagine things would have gone well in this confrontation.

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