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Michael Jordan is “like this – not anti-social media, but anti-social media,” says his daughter Jasmine

the6man Jun 03

Michael Jordan
Photo: AP / Beth A. Keizer

NBA legend Michael Jordan is not a big fan of social media, to say the least. His daughter Jasmine recently revealed in an interview with ABC Audio that MJ is anti-social media. She said she couldn’t imagine that he’s on Twitter or Instagram.

over Candice Williams from Good Morning America::

“My father is like that – not anti-social media, but anti-social media,” she said with a laugh. “I can never imagine that he’s on Twitter. I can’t imagine him on IG or anything. “

If Jordan were to play today, he would be a rare exception among superstars if he weren’t on social media. However, he would not be the only one. The Los Angeles Clippers superstar Kawhi Leonard does not use social media Accounts either.

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