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Michael Jordan spit on Utah pizza, so no one wants to eat

the6man May 19

Those who watched the last episode of the ESPN documentary “The Last Dance” got another interesting story about the two finals between Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls and the Bulls and Utah Jazz.

Since Jordan described the cause of the famous “flu battle”, the fifth game of the 1997 finals became the subject of discussion.

The revelation that may not shock some fans is that bad pizza makes MJ uncomfortable, not flu.

The story told by Tim Grover, George Koehler and Jordan is that MJ was hungry at about 10 pm in Salt Lake City.

They cannot get any room service, and most restaurants in the city are closed.

Jordan and friends can get through a pizzeria.

According to Grover, five people came to deliver pizza, and Grover felt bad about the whole situation.

Michael Jordan didn’t think much about it, so he pizzaed himself.

However, the stories not mentioned in the story are different.

Series director Jason Hehir went to Jalen & Jacoby and explained more details.

According to Hehir, Jordan seemed to spit out pizza to ensure that no one else tried to sneak around.

But why did he do this?

Maybe his friends had dinner without him.

No matter what the situation, whether it is pizza plus pizza or other unknown reasons, this will only increase the myth that leads to the best performance on the basketball court ever.

Only Michael Jordan can do this.

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