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Michael Jordan: “The killing of George Floyd is the key to no return.” He donated 100 million

the6man Jun 06

Michael Jordan
Image: CharityStars.com

US$100 million will be allocated to “organizations striving for racial equality, social justice, and broader educational opportunities” within 10 years. and so Michael Jordan – A brand named after him – made a clear decision to reignite the debate in the United States after the death of George Floyd: “Black Lives Matter is not a controversial statement”, Read the joint press release, which expresses the personal views of the Bulls’ top 23 and their brands.

“As long as racism lurking in the country’s institutions is not eradicated and prevented from functioning properly, we will continue our efforts to protect and improve the living conditions of black people.” It has never been so strongly reiterated that there is an association between Jordan and the African American community: “Jordan Brand is us, the community of color-read the first line of the press release-more than just a person: a family.”

MJ did not hide his uneasiness about the recent facts in Minneapolis: “We can no longer accept, [the death of George Floyd] Is the key to no return. We must stand firm on the issue of race, we must improve our social status“.

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