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Michael Jordan was ready to sign a one-year contract with the bulls in 1998

the6man May 19

Michael Jordan
Photo: AP / Beth A. Keizer

Michael Jordan announced that he was ready to sign a one-year contract with the Chicago Bulls in 1998 and remain on the team for another year.

Jordan wanted to pursue the “Four Peat” and the seventh title in nine years.

“In 1998, Krause said early in the season that Phil could go 82-0 and he would never be the coach.” When Phil said it was the last dance, it was the last dance. We knew that they would not keep the team.

Now they could have finished everything at the beginning of 1998. Why say this statement at the beginning of 1998? If you asked all the boys who won 98, Steve Kerr, Dennis Rodman, blah blah blah, we’ll give you a one-year contract to try seven. Do you think they signed? Yes, they would have signed.

Would I have signed a year? Yes, I would have signed for a year. Until then I had signed one-year contracts. Would Phil have done it? Yes.

Well, Pip, you should have convinced, but if Phil would be there, if Dennis would be there, if MJ would be there to win our seventh? Pip wouldn’t miss that, ”Jordan said in episode 10 of“ The Last Dance, ”as transcribed by UPROXX.

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