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Michael Jordan was sworn in with a pledge of $100 million

the6man Jun 08

Michael Jordan was never a socially conscious athlete, but as the country struggled to cope with police brutality and systemic racism, Jordan wrote a new chapter in his legacy.

The former Bull and current owner of Charlotte Hornet issued a statement against police violence and racism last week and announced that he and Jordan Brand had pledged $100 million, This surprised many people.

Jordan was in his heyday when he played in the NBA, and the lack of a voice in social issues is one of the few flaws critics can use to deal with him.

In an interview Rick Bonnell Jordan of the Charlotte Observer Group in Jordan explained his motives.

“We (as African Americans) have been beaten for so many years. It attracts your soul. You cannot accept it anymore. This is a turning point. We need to stand up. As a racial society, we must become better .”

Jordan explained that to change racist behavior, people must “face your demons.” Racism has been “acceptable in some circles”.

Funds will be allocated in the next 10 years, with an emphasis on education.

“My parents have always emphasized that education is your closest way to connect with others. Education is the best way for black people to improve themselves. To do the best, you must have a good education. If you look at this country, Then extending a helping hand (obtaining a university degree) is the best opportunity to stand up alone.”

In addition, the Jordan team Hornets announced that they will join the Panthers and other teams to terminate the partnership with CPI Security in response to the controversial remarks of the company’s CEO.

Jordan and many NBA players and coaches who are standing on the front line requesting change, while writing a new chapter for his legendary heritage.

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