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Michael Jordan’s daughter talks about her relationship with her father

the6man May 18

Photo: Photo by Omar Vega / Invision for Jordan Brand / AP Images

Jasmine Jordan, the daughter of Michael Jordan, talked about her famous father and how their relationship developed over the years.

The 27-year-old was not born when her father won the first two of his six championships, while she was only 6 when her father ended his career with the legendary second three.

Jasmine Jordan admitted that she approached the documentary “The Last Dance” more like a fan because she had no detailed memory of those years. Michael Jordan’s only daughter talked about her relationship with the Hall of Famer, which had played the role of father over the years.

“I was definitely a father’s girl when I was growing up” Jordan said on the Associated Press in a recent interview. “And, you know, he still calls me” Princess “and I’m almost 30 … He definitely wanted to pamper, protect, care for and baby me as best he could. But you also knew the harsh reality of the burden I had to endure the older I got, so he wanted to make sure I had hard skin. And I understood that there will be a target on my back. “

She also revealed how their relationship changed after he retired, how MJ adapted to his new life, and tried to build stronger ties with his family.

“When he played, he did his best to be as committed as possible while I was growing up. He made me go to school when he could or go to my concerts and dance and things that I was involved in. When he retired it was definitely a change of gear and he and I really had a conversation about it. It’s like, “OK, you’re done. How do we work on the relationship?” Jasmine Jordan noticed.

“How do we make it stronger than it was at all?” We have definitely worked hard and made these efforts because if you take away something you love from someone, it is obviously this hole – it is an emptiness. So do you fill it up or just customize it? He definitely adapted rather than trying to find something else to fill it in, and I really appreciated that. … This is how we are so close today. “

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