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Michael Jordan’s Jordan 1s through the game sold for a record $ 560,000

the6man May 18

Jordan 1s Sale

The hysterical mood surrounding the “doom dance” was so high that Michael Jordan’s rookie season wore a pair of worn and autographed Jordan 1 shoes for $ 650,000 on Sunday.

The auction broke the highest record for sports shoes at the auction, exceeding $ 100,000.

It was originally estimated that the price of these shoes was $ 100,000.

But just like Jordan’s rookie shoe deal, the money brought by these sneakers is absolutely prohibitive.

The seller is a sneaker collector named Jordy Geller, who originally bought the pair in 2012.

He told Action Network that the strong publicity surrounding “The Last Dance” convinced him that if the shoes were sold now, he would get the most value.

Geller sold these sneakers in due course, because they went to auction a few hours before the last two episodes of the last episode aired.

Geller never revealed how much he paid for these shoes.

Interestingly, the previous record of sports shoes sold at auction was maintained by Nike’s “moon shoes”. Nike’s original sports shoe prototype was Nike’s original sports shoes, which were given to the 1972 Olympics. Runner of the University of Oregon.

They were sold for an astonishing $ 437,500 in July 2019.

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