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Mike D’Antoni said that after the game is repeated, the Rockets are still committed to the “small ball” plan

the6man Jun 07

Houston, Texas-October 24: Houston Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni, James Harden #13 and Russell Westbrook #0 on October 24, 2019 in Texas The Toyota Center in Houston spoke with the Milwaukee Bucks. Tip for users: The user clearly acknowledges and agrees that by downloading and/or using this photo, it means that the user agrees to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images license agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright of NBAE 2019 (Bill Baptist/NBAE Photography: Getty Images)

The Houston Rockets will become one of 22 NBA teams, and they will participate in the Orlando League recovery plan. Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni claims that their team will remain committed to small ball games after returning to Orlando.

D’Antoni said: “Obviously, we have gone all out.” “Like, no, we came in. It changed, but it gave us a certain time to participate in a training camp, more or less- It’s actually at the same time, so… and do our best on the same page.

Even before we are on the right path, we have confidence. Now, on the right path and winning everything, sometimes they are different. However, I think this gives us the greatest opportunity, and now we can expand the script and keep people on the same page. …This comes down to whether we can make the most of the available resources, is it enough? You don’t know to participate in the competition,” D’Antoni tells Brian T. Smith

The franchise decided to continue from their starting center, Clint Capela, Was traded to Atlanta in a large 4-team deal in February. Former Minnesota striker Robert Covington (Robert Covington) eventually became Houston’s main rim protector (2.5 blocks per person) until the entire league decided to stop basketball activity due to the March corona virus pandemic.

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