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MJ to Hornets players: confrontation, uncomfortable situation is important

the6man Jun 13

Michael Jordan Hornets

According to the players themselves, Charlotte boss Michael Jordan recently spoke with the Hornets players about the necessary conditions to become a champion.

Jordan emphasized the importance of holding teammates accountable, even if it caused some uncomfortable situations.

The one-hour conference call took place shortly after the “Last Dance” ended, and the movie covered many of the same themes.

According to the Associated Press report, Graham said: “This will make you better.” “You will be better combined. Your team is stronger. The degree of respect is higher, rather than saying nothing, let The guys are messing up over and over again, and you are losing and losing.”

Jordan questioned the players and talked about the difference between the regular season victory and the playoffs.

The Hornets center Cody Zeller said: “Many of our team have not participated in the playoffs, nor understand the attention to detail in the playoffs.”

“This is my pleasure to hear MJ’s voice, especially in the young team.”

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