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Most NBA GMs want to see the playoffs return directly to the playoffs

the6man May 30

The NBA has experienced multiple recoveries this season, but the league’s general manager expressed their preference during an investigation at a board meeting on Friday.

In the survey conducted by ESPN, 16 out of 30 general managers indicated that they tended to enter the playoffs directly.

The 16 teams and seeds will be determined based on the ranking when the game was suspended on March 12.

This option is one of the four options submitted to GMS, and the number of votes obtained exceeds the sum of the other three options.

These other options include:

  • End the regular season, and then participate in the competition (8 votes)
  • Participate in play-offs or World Cup matches directly into the playoffs (5 votes)
  • Participate in the regular season and then enter the playoffs (1 vote)

This decision was not popular with the Trail Blazers or Pelicans, and they only trailed the eighth seed Memphis in the Western Conference finals.

The question of returning to the game is just one of more than a dozen questions answered by the general manager in the survey.

Despite differences on how to resume the season, GM does agree that they need more flexibility to expand the lineup and replace injured or sick players.

Other issues also involve how many regular season games will be played if you do not directly enter the playoffs and “postseason points” mode.

When GM ends the season is very divided.

Options include “Labor Day (3 votes), September 15 (7 votes), October 1 (9 votes), October 15 (5 votes), and November 1 (6 votes).

The NBA is seeking as much income as possible to make up for the suspended season.

With fans desperate for sports, the NBA playoffs may be one of the most watched sports events in history.

The league will have a busy weekend before them.

Adam Silver and NBPA will make some difficult decisions, but no matter what decisions are made, all 30 teams will not be happy at the same time.

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