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NBA and Bershka launch new collaboration series

the6man Jul 30

NBA and Bershka today announced their new collaboration series NBA + Bershka. The logo on the logo is large and inspired by American sportswear and off-court street style. The series will be on August 7 Bershka.com And certain Bershka stores.

To celebrate the NBA’s ability to unite players and fans from all over the world, and the concept of bringing together different teams, many works incorporate multiple team logos. For example, the logos of the Chicago Bulls, Golden State Warriors and Orlando Magic are all on the same hoodie designed for men, and the logos of the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat and New York Knicks are in patchy corsets. Up and Oversized track pants Built for women.

These menswear pieces celebrate oversized streetwear styles in hoodies, track pants, matching shorts and vests, denim clothing and nylon jackets. The ladies series followed closely, and combined more feminine styles, including corset dresses, ultra-short hoodies and XL jogging pants.

The series proudly carries Bershka’s Join life The label indicates that the garment is produced using more sustainable raw materials, such as recycled cotton and polyester, and ecologically grown cotton.

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