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NBA announces $300 million donation to provide financial support to the black community

the6man Aug 06

Photo: GETTY IMAGES North America/Stacy Revere

The NBA announced an initial donation of $300 million to economically improve the capabilities of the black American community.

The foundation is co-sponsored by the National Basketball Players Association of the United States. The NBA will support a wide range of activities around key structures such as education, employment, and career development.

NBPA chairman Chris Paul said: “The establishment of this foundation is an important step in creating more opportunities for the black community.” NBA.com. “I am proud of the commitment our league and players have made for this long-term struggle for equality and justice, and I know we will continue to find ways to continue to promote meaningful institutional changes.”

The foundation created will use the collective resources of 30 teams to provide better opportunities for the black community.

“We are committed to using the collective resources of 30 teams, players, and leagues to bring meaningful economic opportunities to African Americans,” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver (Adam Silver) said.

“We believe that by launching targeted programs in our team market and nationwide, coupled with clear and specific performance indicators, we can advance the common goal of achieving substantial economic mobility within the black community.”

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