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NBA boss Adam Silver: “Don’t underestimate your power”

the6man May 17

Adam Silver NBA Director
Photo: Jae C. Hong / Associated Press

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s approach to the coronavirus pandemic earned him trust between owners and players.

These owners and players provided Silver with the space he needed to operate, manage, and make a resume game during the pandemic, because Reported by Adrian Wojnarowski.

So far, no rich or powerful people in the coalition have snatched power or publicly criticized it.

These billionaires have left the suspension to silver, and restored and reshaped the new NBA calendar.

During this week’s board conference call, a team owner expressed great confidence in Silver’s ability.

The shop owner said to Silver: “Don’t underestimate your ability to establish public opinion.”

According to reports, even before the NBA suspended this season on March 11, the league has contacted teams to ensure they are ready for COVID-19 to affect the season.

NBA Sent memos to all 30 teams On March 7, they were instructed to “arrange with infectious disease experts, identify facilities that can test COVID-19, and develop a plan to limit the number of team and arena personnel who are in close contact with players and develop processes. Dispense hand sanitizer with team members. “

Wojnarowski’s report also added that the NBA is studying how the team can use creativity to attract some fans to participate in the game.

If necessary, the team can accommodate approximately 15% to 20% of the seats.

There is also a discussion about letting fans wear masks and limit the attendance of people in vulnerable age groups and those who already have diseases.

In a conference call on the council, Silver also stated that he hopes to make a decision to resume this season. Within two to four weeks.

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