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NBA can use NBA 2k to eliminate crowd noise

the6man Jun 07

NBA players will hit hardwood on the empty pitch of Walt Disney World at the end of July, but league officials are considering using pipes in NBA 2k to eliminate crowd noise.

Not everyone is satisfied with this idea.

Shams Charania of The Atlantic reported that the league is considering the use of audio from the NBA 2K video game series to simulate crowd noise and create a more familiar atmosphere.

Charania added that the alliance and NBPA are still discussing creative options.

The players have always said that they nurture the vitality and passion of the fans, and the players and fans want to know, if there is an empty arena, how will it affect the level of the game?

Since March 11th, due to the suspension of the league due to COVID-19, and the players are preparing to enter the playoffs, the attendance of fans will be the ideal situation.

However, the artificial crowd noise may be better than the silence of the empty arena.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the first major sports league to release events since Covid-19. It was broadcast live on May 9 and no one participated.

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