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NBA discusses possible shortened 2020-2021 season

the6man Jun 09

Photo: Christina R. Matacotta

The NBA has told GMs that next year’s schedule could be shortened to try to stay as close as possible to the usual timeline of an 82-game season.

Atlanta Hawks GM, Travis Schlenk, announced this information in a conference call on June 9.

This could mean more consecutive sets or sets of four games in five nights, which the NBA has tried to avoid in recent years.

In order to limit the games played in a short period of time, the NBA increased the number of days in the regular season in the 2017 collective agreement from 170 to 177.

The NBA wanted to start the 2020-2021 season on December 1, but that NBPA called this start date “unlikely”.

Usually the league allows for a little over two months for the playoffs.

For example, the 2019 playoffs started on April 13 and game 7 of the NBA final was scheduled for June 16 (2019 the NBA final went six games and ended on June 13).

A similar schedule for 2021 would result in the NBA final possibly ending around July 31, which would overlap with the newly scheduled Tokyo Olympics scheduled to start on July 23, 2021.

This would obviously be problematic and would likely be avoided.

Reducing the number of games in a season would help shorten the league year, but the NBA has made no indication that there will be fewer than 82 games next season, as mentioned earlier.

The league is currently still focusing on this season’s schedule as it will resume in Orlando on July 31 and will run until October 12 when there is a potential game 7 of the NBA final.

Preliminary dates for NBA playoffs each round was also announced on June 8th.

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