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NBA draft perspective Mason Jones believes he can be the league’s most valuable player

the6man Jun 15

Photo via 5newsonline.com

Arkansas Razorbacks’ shooter, Mason Jones, 21, was one of the most productive players in college basketball last season (averaging 22.0 points and 5.5 rebounds and 3.4 assists per game).

A 6-foot-5 prospect also spoke HoopsHype about his life and how he prepared for the design. One of the questions related to his career goals:

I want to be an all-star. I have a lot to prove and I feel that I can work hard and support myself and that the game is close to my heart. I definitely feel like I can be an all-star or MVP in the league. These are things I dream of. I want to put them in real situations. I have the chance to be that, I have the chance to be an MVP. I have the opportunity to contribute the work and to know that nothing will be given to me, it will all be hard work. I know exactly what to do when my back is against the wall or when people have doubts: work hard and keep proving wrong. I will definitely continue to do so.

Mason Jones

Click for the full interview Here.

Highlights of Mason Jones 2019-20 in Arkansas:

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