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NBA Governor determines dates of lottery and draft

the6man Jun 05

NBA Draft Lottery

The NBA League Council has voted in favor of the newly proposed lottery draft and draft date.

Earlier today, the board of directors voted in favor of 29 to 1 to resume the NBA season in the form of 22 teams.

All subsequent votes, such as when to draw and draw, are based on the newly set schedule.

Shams Charania According to the report, the teams will open the training camp on June 30 and report to Disney World a week later.

The team will continue to practice at Disney until July 31, and the entire season will continue.

The draft lottery will be held during the playoffs on August 25.

The tentative date for the 2020 draft is October 15, although it is worth mentioning that the situation is uncertain.

The NBA basketball game may not appear until the end of July, but it is good to know that it has come back.

Hopefully everything will go smoothly after the league and the team complete the safety agreement.

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