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NBA Greatest – The Story of Dennis Rodman

the6man Jul 03

Dennis Rodman
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It is difficult to find a character who is more vibrant and controversial in the world of basketball than Dennis Rodman. Get on the floor or just appear in public space and turn into a show. And now, despite the fact that new heroes shine in the NBA, little has changed. The secret is simple, but at the same time accessible to units: eccentricity multiplied by great talent.

And it’s not just about what Dennis did to his body (acid hair color, piercings and tattoos in all imaginable and unimaginable places) or how he behaved outside the basketball court. Despite all his curiosities, this man was an excellent athlete. He has been recognized twice as the best defensive player in the NBA and has been the leader in rebounds in seven consecutive seasons. So who is he really?

New Jersey Bad Boy

The biography of Rodman, the basketball player, is as fantastic as it is banal. Dennis is the hero of the fairy tale about Cinderella, which has not been surprising lately.

He was born in the small town of Trenton in New Jersey and grew up in a dysfunctional family. He was not a diligent student. He spent more time with every job that came up. Basketball at a more or less serious level in the life of the future owner of five titles was also not so much. Due to his slow growth in his school years, Rodman certainly gave no hope of a great career in basketball. But the crazy love of playing from childhood, endless basketball fights in the yard with peers and incredible luck led him to the end where he was led.

Dennis Keith Rodman only showed his true talent in college. Here the fact that he was growing seriously helped him. If all young and talented athletes were noticed by scouts from professional clubs, we would live in the fairest world. But this is not the case.

Representatives of one of the most powerful franchises at the NBA Eastern Conference in Detroit in the second half of the 1980s noticed him. That’s how the career of one of the best-known players in the world’s best basketball league began.

It should be said that even now, after nearly 20 years in retirement, Rodman is an outstanding figure not only in the NBA, but also in the rest of the world. During his active career, he also managed to gather a lot of support and love in Canada, where a small following of fans was formed in the 1990s. Even at the moment, its popularity is so high that Canadian casino providers decided to include him in their games considering his personality. In particular, best Canadian slot games Design trends focused on involving iconic players in their background or in games to attract more people. It’s no secret that Rodman was offered to show his face often in these games, but he seems to have rejected them all.

Five times and insufficient

During his career in the NBA, Rodman switched five clubs (Detroit, San Antonio, Chicago, Lakers, Dallas), won five championship rings, created several personal recordsand was remembered for all of his unique basketball image punk.

Aggression and hard playing on the ground scored points, rebounds and interceptions were not enough for him. Rather, he believed that all of this was not enough for a great game like basketball. So he added: a player from head to toe covered with tattoos and jewelry, a new hairstyle for every new game. Not surprisingly, this image of the fans was more than the one that only followed his sporting success. There were many of them besides Jordan.

However, Rodman himself didn’t care much about his place and role in the game. His life quickly went beyond the scope of a late 20th century NBA player template.

“I Want To Be The Worst Of All” – An Rodman autobiography became a bestseller in the United States in 1996, and a few years later the eponymous film was made on it. It has everything: the personal life of a basketball player, the atmosphere in which he lived on and off the court, life in the NBA of that time in all the colorful details. Like its author, the book is full of contradictions.

The central episode of the book is how Rodman describes his rebirth. In 1993, he divorced his wife, who forbade him to see his five-year-old daughter. There was loneliness and suicidal thoughts came to my mind. As Dennis himself admitted, he killed “old Rodman” at the time and was born again, as the whole world knows him today:

It was like this. Outside the parquet, Rodman led a no less stormy life. For example, he made a career in a certain sport like wrestling. In the beginning it was a hobby. He made his professional debut in 1997 when he entered the World Championship Wrestling series duel with his friend, the famous Hulk Hogan. It was fun.

And once during a fight between Hogan and Lex Luger on one of the wrestling shows, Rodman appeared as singer Sting and hit Luger with a baseball bat. Oddly enough, Hogan won this fight. Dennis argued with the judges, elbowed the opponents off, and angered the audience. Generally an ideal lesson for a showman tired of his main job.

It would be strange if such an actor on the basketball court didn’t recognize his talent beyond his limits. The desire for reincarnation, almost a daily change of image, the ability to work with the audience – all of this helps the troubled American to remain a welcome hero of every television program. Dennis could try his hand in the cinema: in his opinion, many roles in films by famous directors with the participation of stars of his time such as Mickey Rourke and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Life after basketball

Today the conqueror of female hearts and the thug is happy in his fourth marriage. Perhaps all because of the fact that the couple lives in different houses.

He has no hesitation in putting on and wearing clothes, coloring his lips, growing hair, promoting milk at the same time, protecting animals and fighting for the environment, inviting dozens of world rock groups to his birthday, making friends and basketball play with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

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