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NBA legend Kareem-Abdul Jabbar defends protesters: “Racism in America is like dust in the air”

the6man Jun 01

Photo: KGO-TV via ABC7News

Kareem-Abdul Jabbar defended the demonstrators who protested police brutality and racial inequality in Minnesota after George Floyd’s death.

The legend of the Los Angeles Lakers and NBA wrote a play in the Los Angeles Times, which deals with racism that black communities in the United States face every day.

“Yes, protests are often used as an excuse for some to take advantage of, just like fans celebrating a championship in their hometown sports team burn cars and break shop windows,” Abdul-Jabbar wrote. “I don’t want businesses to be looted or buildings burned. But African Americans have lived in a burning building for many years and choke on smoke as the flames burn.

Racism in America is like dust in the air. It seems invisible – even if you choke on it – until you let the sun in. Then you will see that it is everywhere, ”Jabbar observed per TheScore.com.

Jabbar went on to look at inequality and police brutality in the Donald Trump era, claiming that African-American communities live in fear.

“What you should see when you see black demonstrators in the age of Trump and (the) Coronavirus are people who are marginalized, not because they want to open bars and nail salons, but because they want to live. To breathe, ”wrote Jabbar.

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