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NBA players use “massage therapists” and “trainers” to meet their sex needs

the6man Jul 26

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One of the most difficult restrictions players have to deal with in the Orlando bubble is not to let anyone in from outside. Sports analyst Stephen A. Smith was the first to speak publicly about the problem, saying that it would not surprise him if some players broke the rules and left the bubble to meet their needs.

It seems that some players have found a workaround and are using it. According to Marcus Thompson, the bladder rules allow you to have a trainer or massage therapist. And some players do that.

over The Athletic NBA Show as transcribed from Nico Martinez from Fadeaway World::

“From what I’ve been told, people are already working on it. You can’t have a family, but you can have a trainer or massage therapist. So I was told that some pretty hot massage therapists came. There are a few coaches you know … their back door is what I’m saying. “

The minimum time players need to stay in the bubble is three weeks. The teams that go deep into the playoffs must live in isolation for more than three months.

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