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NBA reaches agreement on players skipping the season and restarting

the6man Jun 12

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the NBA and NBPA are committed to addressing concerns about players who feel uncomfortable traveling to Orlando to participate in the bubble league.

They are expected to announce that any players who do not want to join will have the opportunity to opt out.

They will not be subject to disciplinary action, but if they also decide, their salary will also be hit.

Some players gathered on the conference call to express their views.

Some people are not ready to play again and get stuck in the Orlando bubble, which of course will lead to a very unknown situation, because the NBA has accelerated the pace of restarting.

Can certain senior names decide to stick? This is very likely.

Everyone has different opinions about the virus and the chance of getting the virus.

Coronavirus has been hovering in everyone’s mind.

It was three months ago, and as people first learned about the virus, the sports world fell into collapse.

Now that an extensive test has been conducted, doctors have begun to learn about different trends.

The NBA needs to develop strategic plans and be able to take action on all these plans.

If someone is infected with the virus in the bubble, all measures need to be taken to isolate it.

For now, players are expected to join the team on June 15 and then enter the bubble in July.

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This post is written by Justin Hickey


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