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NBA season so far and when to resume

the6man May 29

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The NBA is currently suspended, the fans hope we can Sometime in summer. Playoff basketball is hope, and what happened to the NHL in recent days is a good sign for those who want the NBA to return.

This break gives fans the opportunity to evaluate what has happened in the league so far, here we take a look, and what may happen in the future.

Bucks lead the East

The Milwaukee Bucks have the best record in the league, and they use this to lead the Eastern Conference. They are one of the three teams that have officially won the Eastern Conference, as well as the defending champions Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics.

Based on recent performance, it is not surprising that the Bucks are the favorite to win the NBA championship this season. Assuming the NBA resumes the playoffs, expect to see many people bet on the Bucks and win again. For those who want to participate, Free betting list Can be used to place basketball bets.

Los Angeles rules the West

There are two teams in the West, both from Los Angeles. The Lakers led the way, the second joint name to win the NBA championship this season, and the Clippers trailed them. The Lakers are the only team to officially win a playoff seat in the West, which shows that they have dominated the game this season.

Western countries are much more open than Eastern countries, and many teams are waiting in line to wait for Los Angeles to join. These include the Nuggets, Jazz, Rockets and Thunder. If we do see some action during the summer, the Western Conference playoffs will indeed be very exciting.

Can the NBA follow the NHL?

For those who do not like hockey, here is their focus Recovery plan.

  • The end of the regular season, the playoffs resume
  • Playoffs increased from 16 to 24 to suit all competitors
  • Ranked 5-12 teams to participate in the “participation” competition
  • Teams ranked 1-4 enter the first round directly
  • All games will be played in two “center cities”, one in the east and one in the west
  • No fans, team members will be strictly restricted from entering

NHL’s goal is to start training camp no later than early July, which means that the earliest recovery date may be around the end of July.

For those who want to piece together the state of the NBA recovery, this may be the kind of plan needed to get players back on the court.

Now that the NHL has taken action, it is time for the NBA to show their plans to the world.

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