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NBA star J.R. Smith says he regrets beating the loot

the6man Jun 02

Former Cleveland Cavaliers Smith says he is “disappointed” with himself Attack the saboteur Broke the window of the truck

Among many NBA players who protested police brutality on Sunday, Smith was returning from a protest near his home in Los Angeles when he met a predator and broke the car window.

Smith in Video punch The man was on the ground until he ran away.

Smith is currently living and training in Los Angeles, hoping to return to the NBA.

Although many people supported Smith’s reaction, the former Cavaliers said that in an interview with Pat McAfee, he should handle the situation better.

“Although I should not be disappointed with myself. I am 34 years old and have four little girls at home. I don’t want that image…whether the truth is right or wrong…I don’t want them to have their father’s ability to do this A little image.”

NBA players have been clamoring for police brutality on the front and in the middle, and many people saw it on social media that took part in the march on the weekend.

Ironically, Smith was returning from a peaceful protest in Los Angeles and found that the robber had damaged his car.

Cities across the country Impose a curfew Due to clashes during the protest.

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