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NBA sues $ 1.25 million for lost rent in New York store

the6man May 28

According to ESPN, a landlord claimed that the NBA failed to pay more than $ 1.25 million in rent at a store on Fifth Avenue in New York during the Corona Virus pandemic and is suing NBA Media Ventures.

The lawsuit was filed in New York on Tuesday, demanding payment of US $ 1,257,412.96 and US $ 20,000 in legal fees.

According to the lawsuit, the rent for this store is $ 625,000 per month, and the alliance did not pay when the store was closed for COVID-19 in April or May.

NBA Chief Communications Officer Mike Bass said in a statement on Wednesday: “Like other retail stores on Fifth Avenue in New York City, NBA stores have to be closed due to the pandemic virus pandemic.”

“In this case, we believe that these claims have no basis. We have tried and will continue to try to work directly with the landlord to resolve this issue in a fair manner to all parties.”

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