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NBA team at the Orlando Bubble Team Driving Range

the6man Jul 11

The Orlando Magic are the first NBA team to practice in the NBA. Orlando Bubble Thursday.

Magic Center Nikolai Vucevic After that, some of his teammates were still on the field and participated in a noisy and enthusiastic shooting competition, and answered questions.

Vucevic said: “It’s nice to be back in four months.” “We all missed it.”

The ESPN World Sports Center in Walt Disney World Resort is holding full practice.

By the end of Thursday, all 22 teams planning to participate in the NBA restart had reported to the bubble.

Upon arrival, all teams entered their hotel and entered isolation.

When the eight teams that landed on Thursday’s finals, including the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers, some players expressed conflicting feelings.

Lakers star LeBron James said goodbye to his family, while the 76ers’ big man Joel Embiid didn’t seem to appear enthusiastically on the protective layer.

“We must make the most of it,” Vucecic said. “You know, this is our job. We will do our best. I really think the NBA has done its best to do our best for us. And, once we start playing, you won’t think about these little things anymore.”

The NBA defending champion Toronto Raptors are the last to arrive.

Together with the Magic, Brooklyn, Utah, Washington and Phoenix also practice on Thursday.

The Denver Nuggets originally planned to practice, but postponed the opening time to Friday.

By Saturday, the practice will remain the same, with all 22 teams distributed in seven different facilities with a time span of 13.5 hours.

Teams must wait at least two days after arriving before they can play.

The exhibition competition will begin on July 22, and the official season will begin again on July 30.

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