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NBA’s best and worst diet and body transformation

the6man May 27

Personal success in the NBA is a delicate matter.

The player’s influence on the league depends on many factors, including natural ability, professional ethics, coaching and court coordination.

But sometimes, the final deciding factor is the player’s diet.

Just ask Dwight Howard.

He was selected as an All-Star eight times. Until recently, he has maintained a truly terrible eating habit, and for a long time, he got rid of his eating habit.

Howard is equipped with a chronic sweet, especially obsessed with eating and drinking, chocolate, honey bread and cream pie.

“[I ate] Howard told Graham Bensinger at the end of last year.

“It’s like my gas station.”

His problem is not just sugar.

Howard claimed that he ate McDonald’s before each game a year. His first choices were two double cheeseburgers, a large fries, a small fries, a strawberry chocolate shake and a large cola.

Dr. Cate Shanahan was a Howard nutritionist in 2012 when he struggled to overcome back surgery. He suspected that the big man ’s eating habits contributed to his physical problems. According to ESPN.

That was after she discovered that Howard had eaten about 24 chocolate lollipops every day, which could be as long as ten years.

Howard’s addiction even made him feel numb in his legs and fingers. Shanahan suspected that it was a paresthesia, the same neurological abnormality seen in prediabetics.

Not only is Howard’s basketball career threatened, but his long-term health is also threatened.

Shanahan was pretty sure that Howard ’s large amount of sugar caused a tingling sensation, and she told him that if he cut his salary and found no difference, she would resign.

Howard took out several boxes of junk food from the house and left the sugar. Sure enough, the tingling disappeared.

He also started a 30-day plan that included eating only one meal a day (that day is healthy), and using only apples and nuts to fill those vacancies that lack food, while maintaining a large amount of daily work out.

Howard also replaced McDonald’s with lean chicken and fish, and replaced sugary drinks with kale juice and beet juice, making him second Dwight beets.

He also cut out bread and severely restricted the intake of pasta and red meat.

Howard quickly lost 28 pounds and hit the Lakers Driving Range in the best state of his life. This is to say that he has always been an absolute physical specimen (even if all junk foods are rotten).

The big guy feels better than ever, and even starts to notice the mental acuity and clarity that he has never experienced before (think Bradley Cooper in “Extreme Infinite”).

At the same time, he felt his stamina had returned to his peak.

Howard told GQ after the transition: “I didn’t feel that fast in the game.”

“My body feels different … When you eat bad food from your diet, I will feel all the benefits. The biggest thing for me in the game is fatigue.

“Normally, when you eat candy, you’re in a hurry. It hits you and feels great, but once it crashes, it crashes. Once it’s taken out, I can play for longer.”

His mental transformation began with throwing stones at defense and grabbing rebounds. After everyone in the NBA circle treated him as a long-term injury, and after the washed off headgear was written off, Howard became an integral part of the Lakers championship.

Interestingly, the Lakers big man JaVale McGee has also undergone a radical diet change in recent years.

He decided to go vegetarian before the 2016-17 season.

In the same year, like Howard, he was able to transform himself from an injured mess / handle into a legitimate player of a championship team.

DeAndre Jordan adopted a vegan diet two years ago. Before the NBA truce, his rebounding averaged his second-highest every 36 minutes (26.4) and third-highest rebound (13.6).

Although close to his 32 years oldnd On his birthday, it is said to have passed his prime, and he also said he never felt good.

Damian Lillard is not a fully mature vegan, but he claims that a plant-rich diet is important for his success and his ability to alleviate injuries in a particularly frustrating physical condition effect.

Then there is Steve Nash, whose antiquity diet is leading in the NBA circle because he continued to perform well late in his career and was selected to the All-Star team until he was 37 years old.

Jahlil Okafor ’s shift to vegetarianism is directly related to his resurrection in New Orleans, and even LeBron James, the modern role model of longevity in sports, has restricted redness in the diet. Meat content.

Now, compare these guys with some players on the other end of the diet spectrum.

Joel Embiid, who is permanently injured, is known for smoking junk food and is a certified milkshake demon.

Charles Barkley had a long-term pizza when he was a kid. Obviously, if he controlled his bad eating habits, he would not enjoy longevity.

Andrew Bogut publicly mocked vegetarians when he posted photos of his red meat dinner, but he was prone to injuries and sluggishness for most of his career, and a season after his 30 games China successfully participated in 27 NBA gamesday birthday.

Boris Diaw’s teammates tell stories and say he likes to eat anything. In 2014, the Spurs even offered him a $ 500,000 bonus, provided he didn’t gain weight this season, but the lovely Frenchman can never control everything. He was outside the league at 34.

So, as ridiculous as it sounded a year ago, maybe today’s NBA players should be more like Dwight Howard.

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