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the6man Sep 22

The NCAA issued a report on “involving violations that occurred in the Georgia Institute of Technology women’s basketball program from the 2016-17 school year to February 2019.” The decision regarding violations comes from the organization’s first sector violation committee (COI).

These violations occurred during the tenure of former head coach MaChelle Joseph (MaChelle Joseph), who committed a second-level violation because the student-athlete’s physical activity exceeded the daily and weekly time limits.

The text of the decision is as follows:

COI identifies violations as Georgia Institute of Technology’s Level II standards. The Georgia Institute of Technology’s penalties are:

  • Three-year probation;
  • A fine of $5,000 (already levied by the Georgia Institute of Technology) plus 1% of the women’s basketball project budget;

In addition, the full compliance review of the Georgia Institute of Technology’s sports department will be conducted by an external agency with expertise in sports compliance.

The prescribed penalties are in addition to the following measures implemented by Georgia Institute of Technology:

  • The above $5,000 fine;
  • Reduce countable sports-related activities (CARA) as follows:
    • Spring 2020-Reduce CARA by one hour per week (a total of three hours before the Covid-19 closure)
    • Summer 2020-CARA reduced by 1 hour per week (36 hours in total)
    • Fall 2020-CARA reduced by 1 hour per week (11 hours in total)
    • Spring 2021-Reduce CARA by two hours per week (16 hours in total)

The COI report noted that Georgia Institute of Technology has demonstrated exemplary cooperation in the investigation of NCAA law enforcement officials.

“We are still very pleased that the Violation Committee has not found any institutional violations in this matter,” said Todd Stansbury, director of sports at Georgia Institute of Technology. “Although we do not necessarily agree with all the conclusions reached by the committee, we are very pleased that this case has been resolved and our current student athletes and coaching staff can move on because they will not have to serve them without participating and not providing them with any Any penalties for violations of competitive advantage.”

“I want to thank Dr. Angel Cabrera, President of Georgia Institute of Technology, and our legal and compliance team for everything they have done to support our student athletes and staff throughout the process,” Stansbury continued. “All of us at Georgia Tech are grateful to leave this thing behind and look forward to another great season for Coach (Nell) Fortner and her outstanding student athletes.”

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