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Nerlens Noel says Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s game has developed

the6man Jul 22

Photo: USA today

The Oklahoma City Thunder want to make waves in these playoffs. Building chemistry will be critical. The team has an important player back in Andre Roberson. It also seems that young players are developing that are necessary for reconstruction. Nerlens Noel says that Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s game evolved after COVID.

Gilgeous-Alexander stopped by in the Paul George trade with the Los Angeles Clippers. Against this background, its development is very important in order to receive trade compensation. The Thunder are now the fifth seed, so Gilgeous-Alexander will gain the much-needed playoff experience.

According to Brandon Rahbar of the Daily Thunder, Noel said about Gilgeous-Alexander:

“I think you haven’t even seen it yet. What struck me from Shai to Covid. The game really slowed down for him. I think this next section of the playoffs will show his maturity and how he grew.”

Gilgeous-Alexander is one of the emerging stars in this league. This is a chance for his game to excel. The chances of participating in these games will increase among many players due to the mental toughness required to maintain a constant game. The Orlando games could show future superstars, and Gilgeous-Alexander is one of them.

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