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Nets have the worst defensive rating in the NBA since trading with James Harden

the6man Feb 01

James Harden Steve Nash
Photo: Twitter / NBA

James Harden is one of the most talented offensive players the NBA has ever seen. On the other hand, its commitment to defense is often questioned. The statistics reveal an interesting correlation between joining the Brooklyn Nets and the team’s defensive performance.

According to StatMuse, the nets have had the worst defensive rating in the league since Harden’s entry with 119.9. This would be the worst rating ever. The situation is different on the offensive, where Brooklyn has the best rating in the league, which is also historically the best (122.6).

Interestingly, the Houston Rockets have improved their defensive rake significantly since the Harden trade. In nine games, the Rockets have the best defensive rating in the NBA. However, when it comes to success on the court, both Houston and Brooklyn have won 6 games and lost 3 games.

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