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Network star Kyrie Irving takes part in protests against Black Lives Matter

the6man Jun 04

Photo: Kathy Willens / Associated Press

Like many other top NBA superstars, Kyrie Irving joined a peaceful protest against Black Lives Matter on Tuesday.

The Brooklyn Nets superstar went to Instagram and sent a long change to request change.

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I call all of my People of Color, Leaders of Change and everyone who knows what is happening, what has happened and is ready for solutions. ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏿✊🏿You cannot stop us when we are together and really understand our power as a collective. Our indigenous indigenous black spirits, our indigenous indigenous black spirits, our indigenous indigenous black bodies deserve to be treated with more respect, understanding and love. Know that our bloodlines come from the royal family! We are the real royalty, we are the original king and the queens of this spiritual and physical world! They hide our entire story for a reason. We have been captured and enslaved against our will to serve their oppressive and racist system that is in place and still exists. They damnedly took everything that we have created culturally, call it their own and then transform it into something that should never be or is mean. I’m tired of balancing things and saying bullshit, and as a native of many of the world’s indigenous countries, part of my goal is to be here. It is said to help change this entire global agenda that has killed my family members and plagued my community for far too long. Our parents and their parents have struggled every year of their lives to keep the TRUTH about this world alive. The agenda, FREE OUR PEOPLE, because we know that all of these talks and protests may bring us some legislative changes and talks, but at this point it is bigger than that. It is time that we all our indigenous black people Bring cultures, businesses and ideas to a new place as a collective and protect it, as other cultures have done. Build our own! It is clear that White Supremacy and Corporations use us indigenous black people if this is beneficial for their agenda and their pockets. So be aware of the truth in sight. Family. How can we break the generation curses that were deliberately imposed on us to kill ourselves and our families? Take back country and culture! Our ancestors are watching and protecting us now more than ever! This is children for our future children. We are the generation that will change this!

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