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Networks continue to play successive important games

the6man Jun 27

Twitter / Brooklyn networks
Photo: Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets schedule for the restart of the NBA season has been announced. They will compete against Orlando Magic on July 31 (with no fans present).

Your second game will also be important as they compete against the Washington Wizards. The nets are 0.5 games before magic and 6 games before magicians. They play the magic again in their penultimate game of restart.

It is crucial for the networks to stay in front of both teams in order to finish number seven and not to play against the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round.

If the nets end as seventh seed or eighth seed but four games before the wizards, they will secure a playoff spot. If they complete as the eighth seed, but the wizards are within four games of them, the two teams take part in a play-in tournament. The ninth seed would have to hit the eighth seed twice in a row to secure a place in the playoffs.

While expectations of Brooklyn with injured Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are low, post-season offers the team’s young players the opportunity to gain important playoff experiences.

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