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Nikola Mirotic about his time in the NBA: “The game was completely different. In the end, it was patience and training.”

the6man May 23

Photo: EuroLeague basketball

Nikola Mirotic talked about his time in the NBA and the differences to the game in the EuroLeague.

Mirotic said he was not satisfied with his role and wanted to change. So he decided to go back to Europe.

“The game was completely different. The games were played every other day, a more individual game, and – what I had the hardest to understand in season one – is that it’s all about the team’s stars: training, games, games.

First they have to touch the ball and then decide. It is already known who made the last pictures and I did not understand why. If I break my face, I might get more shots. In the end it was patience and training, ”said Mirotic in a video interview for Sergiobasket Vlogs.

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